APA Style Research Paper Format for a Plagiarism-Free Custom Essay

APA Style Research Paper Format

The Basics

A research paper that adopts the American Psychological Association (APA) format has five distinctive sections. When you place an order for a custom, and specify on APA as the academic style of choice, its academic quality, will rely on how well it adopts the 5-element format. This paper will briefly highlight the APA-style research paper format, and which prescribes the basic standards adopted by universities and colleges globally. In other words, the article responds to the question of how your research paper should look like, when you request for APA Style Research Paper Format for a Plagiarism-Free Custom Essay from a reliable provider of custom essay writing services.

Standard APA Style Format

APA Style Research Paper Format

To begin with, a research paper in the APA style should have a standard format of double-spacing 12-point size, Times New Roman font in every page. Further, the margins should always be set to 1-inch all around the page, and on every page of the research paper. Ultimately, a research paper that adopts the 5-element format that subscribes to the APA style, in progressive order, includes:

  1. A title page
  2. Abstract
  3. First page of the text/introduction
  4. Main text
  5. Reference list

Reviewing the 5-Element APA Format

Title Page

Title page is the first page of the research paper, exclusively focused on identifying the topic under research, and adding the identity of the author. As its components, the title page includes:

  • The running head in the header (An abbreviation of the title, below 50 characters, capitalized, and aligned to the left)
  • The page header (page number aligned to the right in numerical form and appearing at the top-most end of every page)
  • The full title based on the main topic of research, using between 10 and 12 words and without any abbreviation, and aligned to the center

An abstract serves as a concise/brief summary of the purpose and content of the research paper. A good abstract should:

  • Be of no more than 120 words
  • Include the paper thesis and a brief of the main ideas covered
  • Have all abbreviations and or unique terms clearly defined
  • Written in your own words
  • Be accompanied by a list of the keywords used in the research paper (italicized)

In the first page of the APA-style research paper format, the abstracted running head should be used in the left-aligned header, this time without the title ‘running head.’ is used in all the subsequent pages of the paper. Thereafter, the title of the research paper should be repeated, double-spaced and centered and at the top of the first page. The title should not be underlined, bolded, or italicized. Thereafter, the first/introductory paragraph should not be titled, and after briefly stating the contents that follow, the paragraph should terminate with a thesis statement for the research paper.

Main Text

The main text should then follow with sectional headings, ranging from Headings level 1 to headings level 5 (APA has five systematic levels of headings). The headings should help you strategically organize the textual content for the readers. Within the main text, you should use in-text citations (author name and year), adding a page number when direct quotations are used. If the quote is more than 40-words long, you should use a block quotation, indented/shifted from the margin to the right, and double-spaced.

Reference List

The final page should be titled as ‘References’ centered and double spaced, but not italicized, punctuated, boldfaced, and or underlined. Each of the reference entries listed should have a hanging indent for the second subsequent line. Finally, the entries should be arranged in alphabetical order and start with the author’s last name.

Great Format Often Means a Great Mark

In conclusion, the APA-style research paper format is the single most popular and frequent referencing style today. Most colleges and universities rarely ask for the MLA or Harvard referencing styles, and the APA has gradually become the basic standard. When you order for cheap custom essay writing services from such established and highly reputed companies as acemyresearchpaper.com, this 5-element format should be observed as a standard in the APA style.


How to Get Plagiarism-Free Essay Written at a Bargain

Know How to Get Plagiarism Free Essay Cheaply

 More than substandard quality, little if any degree of research, poor academic diction, or not following instructions, plagiarism is the grandest crime an academic paper can be guilty of today. This is even greater a sin when you have paid for a custom essay only for the writer to plagiarize an already-existing essay. This brief article attempts to contextualize plagiarism in academic assignments and papers, from the perspective of custom essay writing services.

The Plagiarism Menace

It is a given that any student in a college or university has already heard about plagiarism. Every student including you already understands the disastrous penalties that follow submitting a plagiarized paper for your assignment. Every student who places an order for a custom essay always insists on 0% plagiarism. Indeed, a plagiarism-free essay is the most dominant marketing line used by every company offering cheap custom essay writing services.

The Academic Demon of Plagiarism

The problem however,, is that very few students really understand what plagiarism really means. Several key questions help qualify what plagiarism means and reflect in an academic paper. The questions include:

  1. What does plagiarism mean?
  2. Why is plagiarism the greatest of crimes you can commit in academic research?
  3. How does a term paper or essay qualify as plagiarized?
  4. Most importantly, how could you ever avoid plagiarism?
  5. How do you ensure that you always get plagiarism-free essay when you order for one?

At the Heart of a Plagiarism-Free Essay

The dictionary will define plagiarism simply as copying an already-published work by another person and submitting it as your own. What this definition misses however, is that copying what others have published in academic journals and textbooks is the very essence of academic research. You assignment will actually score a zero if you base the argument on your personal opinion.

As such, what every academic assignment requires is not your thoughts or opinion, but those that you copy from others. Your essay or term paper should be based on what other researchers, scholars, and theorist have already published. This means that your paper should be copied from others, yet they still enforce a 0% plagiarism rule.

Copy but Don’t Plagiarize!

The secret however, is in copying what others say, and doing it with adequate, reliable, and appropriate attribution to such academic sources. Whatever you derive from the academic journal articles and books should be attributed with accurate in-text citation, and all the sources should then accompany the paper with a comprehensive list of all references consulted. As such, academic research is anchored on copying what others say, but with reliable attribution to escape plagiarism.

Custom Essay Writing Services and Plagiarism

 As such, when you order for a custom essay paper, what you need is research-based content borrowed from credible academic sources, exclusively relying on peer-reviewed sources from course books and journal articles, with accurate, reliable, verifiable, and comprehensive in-text citations and referencing. Escaping plagiarism does not require absolute originality, which is nearly impossible in academic writing, rather, presentation of available knowledge in an original version backed by academic sources.

Such a paper means that you not only added the citations to appear academic, but that you actually consulted the sources and incorporated their arguments and findings into your research paper. Only when a company offering custom-essay writing services guarantees such requirements will you Plagiarism-Free Essay.

Copying from Others Yet remaining Plagiarism Free

The Take Aways

Such companies as acemyresearchpaper.com are among the very few available today, who personify this adage of attaining utmost academic credence of originality without occurrences of plagiarism. This is more of an art, and a precious one in custom-essay writing services. What you should ensure therefore, is that the company you select understand what plagiarism really means. Only then will you get a Plagiarism-Free Essay. Always ensure that, you get an essay from a company with a:

  1. 100% originality policy
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